If you are the owner of the phone to Acer, then turn the machine off and open the back cover. There you will see the battery. Take it and read the contents of the labels under it – usually the serial number is located under the IMEI-code, or somewhere near it. You can also see the code on the box - it should be a corresponding sticker with the model information, the numbere of the party, the date of manufacture and so on.
If you are an owner of notebook Acer, then use one of the many options. The first of them – view the serial number on the product box. He's usually glued to the side of the box, which shows information about the model, consignment, picking, color and so on. You can also turn over the laptop and check the sticker with the serial numberof ohms on the back of the computer. He's usually glued there, where is the sticker of the Windows operating system. Sometimes it can be under the battery – for this you will have to remove it from the laptop.
If such action none, try to find the serial number by the system. To do this, turn on laptop, open "My computer", free from the labels pane, right-click, select the menu item "Properties". In the displayed system information can be the data you want. Use an alternative method – open "control Panel", select the menu item "System". The result will be the same.
Also note the various stickers with bar codes, which are glued to the documentation for the laptop, coming with him in the kit - for example, on a warranty card or manual.
In order to avoid such problems, do not throw the packaging and documentation of the purchased goods even after out warranty period.