You will need
  • computer;
  • program FriendlySeats;
  • program Winaudit;
  • - the program System Information for Windows.
To know the hardware code of the computer you can use of FriendlySeats. You need to find it on the Internet and download. When downloading, you must consider the version of your operating system as well as its width. The app is paid but has a trial free version.
After downloading install the program. Then restart the computer. After your PC restarts, run FriendlySeats. Then in the main menu, select "Settings". A window will appear. Top with its right side is information about the hardware code of your computer.
Another program that will help to know the code of your computer called Winaudit. Find it on the Internet, download and install it on the hard disk of the computer. Run the program. Then in the main menu, select "system Overview". In the right window will appear with basic information about your system. In this window find the line Number. The value to be written in it, and there is code on your computer.
Pretty good program with which you can quickly learn computer code, called System Information for Windows. Find the Internet download the version for your operating system and download it. Unpack the archive to any folder. Most versions of the program do not require installation.
Run the program. Wait a few seconds until the scan of your system. After its completion, in the right window of the program will be basic information about your computer. In this window, and should look for the hardware code of the computer. If necessary, you can save the report in which information about your system. In the trivial version of this program, the function of storing the reports may be blocked.