You will need
  • - two metal Hoop with a diameter of not less than 115 cm;
  • - a wooden beam;
  • - drill with drill bits;
  • - tarpaulin;
  • - slings;
  • - round rubber;
  • pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - foam;
  • - pieces of rubber
Take a wooden beam and split it into 8 pieces with a length of 30 cm.
Measure the diameter of the metal Hoop. Drill using a drill hole in each bar. The hole diameter should be approximately 2mm greater than the diameter of the metal Hoop. Positioning holes should be two sides of the bar, near its edges.
Disconnect the hoops and insert them into the holes of the bars. Note that the design is supposed to be rigidly fixed.
Take the canvas and draw on it a circle with a diameter of 1 m. Cut out the circle using scissors. Fold the edges and hem neatly.
Make 16 loops of webbing with a thickness of about 3 cm. Sew the loop at the same distance from each other along the edges of the tarp.
Take a thick round rubber and thread it into the loop, wrapping around the Hoop. Strongly pull the rubber.
Stitch of canvas round case. The size of the cover should allow to put it on the trampoline so that it covers the gaps between the stretched rubber. This is necessary in order to while using a trampoline, the child does not fall into these intervals with his foot. Sew into the cover of the bands or ropes in 8 areas, placing them at equal distances from each other. Mount the case on the trampoline with sewn on ropes, tying them to the legs of the trampoline. If desired, decorate the cover with applique.
Secure the pieces of foam on the upper part of the legs of the trampoline with glue and tape.
Glue the pieces of rubber to the bottom of the legs of the trampolineto avoid slipping. Trampoline ready.
Alternative trampolines can be made from tires of large diameter. Drill through drill holes in the tire at a distance of not more than 2 cm from each other. The holes should be placed in the part of the tire where the rubber has a maximum thickness, i.e., about protector. Proszowice holes using a round rubber or nylon twine. Lacing should look like tennis rackets. Tighten the twine and securely fasten the ends.