To learn how to fly without wings in real life, you can use one or more of adjacent trampolines. It is desirable that the apartment or the house had high ceilings, but it is better to conduct experiments on fresh air, for example, on the front lawn of a country house. Having trained for some time, you will be able to stay longer in the air while jumping, and especially agile jumpers will really enjoy "flying" from one trampoline to another.
Try to learn to fly without wings at home using this standing in the yard swing. Currently on sale you can find a swing made of light alloys that can be moved from place to place. Place them, for example, in front of the pool, and start to wobble. While approaching the pool, push it forward and try to land in the water upright, stretching his socks. So you will not cause yourself injury and thus feel the euphoria of flying through the air.
To fly without wings at home, you can use acrobatic wire is a special soft rim that wraps around the body and back side to it attached elastic tethers. The cables in turn are attached to the metal rings in the ceiling or a wall. The room should be high enough and spacious. Now you can start from the floor and soar up and the wire will hold the body, not allowing to fall. If you have a special skill you can even make various tricks – somersaults, flips, etc. While it is best this method is suitable for children due to its small weight get high off and slowly sink.
People who practice meditation claim that it allows you to achieve a feeling of floating in the air without any appliances. Usually during meditation, a person sits on the floor in the Lotus position, closes his eyes and deeply immersed in his own thoughts, detached from everyday life. At some point a feeling like, the body loses its weight, and the person begins to soar up. This is a useful technique for dealing with stress and self-hypnosis, which helps, albeit figuratively, to learn how to fly without wings in real life at home.