The first days after birth

In the first days after childbirth a woman loses up to 8-10 kg. They consist of the baby's weight, placenta, amniotic fluid and accumulated in the body during pregnancy excess water otsloivshiesya in edema. All this is happening at more or less the same pattern regardless of the type of delivery. But at the time, as estestvennaia moms can almost immediately begin to conduct an active way of life, a woman who survived a cesarean section, you have to beware about the sport before full healing of the wound even think it is impossible, but both want to reclaim their pregnyl figure.

To lose weight through diet or sports

Of course, you can go on a strict diet in the hope that the pounds will go without sports. But the catch is that the young mom-to-be another important task is feeding the baby and for breast milk sharp cuts diet are unlikely to benefit. Remains the only sport. It will not only melt the stuck weight, but also helps to catch the muscles weakened and stretched during pregnancy tissues.

The duration of the sparing period

But do not hurry. After all, a caesarean section is a fairly serious abdominal surgery that requires long recovery. In the first three days and stand up-it will be difficult, and for some time will have to observe sparing mode, so that will be totally up to sports. In General, doctors recommend that you start training no earlier than 8-12 weeks, depending on the condition of the joint and well-being.

Doing exercises for the abdominal muscles is possible only when the seam will be absolutely painless.

Food after cesarean

The only thing you can do for weight loss at this time is temperate, and eat rationally. Nursing mothers it is not necessarily to eat for two, nibble on cakes and condensed milk, will be enough if it will go on a healthy diet in habitual zaberemennet volume. Given the fact that about 500 calories will go together with breast milk to the baby, the weight loss will start by itself. In principle, the nature for these purposes, and deferred stock, no need to make it inviolable.

As experts say, the body after childbirth is required to restore the same amount of time, how long was the pregnancy that is 9 months.

Sports after cesarean

After 12 weeks you can slowly connect to weight loss physical activity. To do it best , by doing not as active, but nonetheless quite effective sports such as yoga, Pilates, stretching, body Flex, breathing exercises. It is necessary to join the rhythm gradually, listening to their feelings. If some exercises cause pain, to slow down and go over madasa types of training. Remember that losing weight after cesarean section is not a matter of a couple of days to hurry it is absolutely not necessary. If you stick to a healthy diet and then begin to slowly connect the sport, then after six months it is possible to find former shape without any harm to health.