Before you jump on the neck of the man and give him all the unspoken love, rate as the right moment, "ripe" does the choice of your words and whether or not he is such a hot and decisive steps from your side, if still not first confessed to you in love. Perhaps he will accept your confession as a hint to the next stage of a relationship – right time to propose, and scared. And, maybe, he is so timid, did not dare to Express what you – the woman of his life. Analyze the situation and take action if they saw the need.
Love always loses the replays too. Slide in side pride, insecurity, principles, fears. Listen to your feelings. Opening the man 's soul, you can become much closer to him, but it is important to assess the degree of risk. Because impulsive and unexpected "I love you" sometimes just destroying all the charm of a relationship. Take your time and don't fuss. You all can say and prove man. And the word for this is optional.
The older and more experienced man, so it is more cautious and more suspicious. To ignite interest, polistil male ego, pretty simple, but to "bind" it to yourself – is problematic. Men value their freedom, their built single life and habits that "jumps" from any hints on the senses. And often they retire not from affection, but from the person ahead of time, "strangling" his love and reciprocity requirement. Your recognition can be silent and obvious so that will push him to first take decisive action. What do you need? Look at him gently, listen carefully, separate his emotions become to him indispensable. Even inveterate bachelors, you can find the Achilles ' heel, which is enough to touch at the right moment to conquer it.
If you doubt his feelings to himself, forget the loud and pathetic words: "I love you", and certainly not should be clarified then: "do you love me?". Leave all that for later. Why not Express your sympathy more softly, "I like You", "I often think about you", "I feel good with you"... It could be behind any sense, until friendly relations. But, if a man have some feelings to you, are hints – a great impetus to the development of relations.