How to confess your love to a man?

In fact, there are many ways to tell your husband about love, and they are all very different. Here are some of them:

Advertising recognition

To confess in love in such a way to order advertising space on the waist or the shield and place it on picture recognition. It is desirable to make only favorite person was able to guess what it is made for him. That is, instead of "Daria Sidorova likes of Sergey Ivanov," it is better to write the abstract of "Romeo, I love you! Your Juliet." Otherwise your feelings will not only know It, but almost all the inhabitants of your city (especially if the settlement you have small).

Culinary recognition

With delicious food and good wine, too, can admit a man in love first, but you should have a very good cook. In this case, food from the restaurant is better not to order. Otherwise, if you are all right, and after a while he will ask to re-cook the dish, you simply will not be able to do. What you need to do is to learn by the way, what dish he likes the most, to cook it, decorate with hearts, with whipped cream and ketchup to write words of love to make the most lucidly. Then set the table and treat your beloved man.

Recognition through massage

If you have a close enough relationship, then the question of how to admit a man in love can be solved another way – with a massage. Gently, the fingertips spend along the back of a loved one, "painting" the words of love. Let them guess what you are writing. When he realizes his joy is not the limit.

Old recognition

Remember from the novel "Eugene Onegin" by Alexander Pushkin these lines: "I write to you, what else..."? Writing a letter with words of love is the most easy way to Express their emotions, has been used by lovers since the days of Ancient Egypt. I have to admit a man in love this way – to solve certainly to you. If you decide to take the artificially aged paper, write on it with pen a love letter, put in envelope and send by mail. It will be very romantic.

What other ways can I use?

The original and the recognition of a beautiful man in love can be very different. To Express their feelings you can use a radio, phone, stickers, certificates for flight in an aeroplane or hot air balloon, signs and hints (for example, turn on the music with words about love), gifts, and more.Dr. The main thing – to show imagination and become a bit bolder, to not fold at the last minute.