Carefully learn all about the subject of his interest. Talk to mutual friends, carefully consider the page in social networks. Of course, you will receive incomplete information, but even these crumbs will be enough. When you will meet, it will play in your favor. You will be able to guide the conversation in the right direction, that will make your introduction more attractive.
Try to develop your own "special look". Catching it, the man must understand what attracts you. In General, try to make eyes more emotional. Guys like it, and you will have more chances to get what you want.
If you are unable to cope with the preceding paragraph, select the easier option. Throw fleeting glances and a few brief seconds, hold your attention on the guy. As soon as he sees you, immediately take the eye. Try not to overdo it with this, and that can scare the guy.
Touch. It is a proven way to show a guy interest. Try to touch with ease. A strong and clear touch can give him reason to think about something indecent. Besides some very confident men, it can be daunting. Talking touch his hand or accidentally remove the speck from his shoulder.
Start to smarten up. All the men's magazines that if a girl starts to fix her hair and smooth the clothes, it is in your hands. But do all natural. A little more clap your eyelashes and smile inappropriately.
You can use modern methods. One of them is social network. Just write the object of his adoration. Start a nice chat with him and make an awkward hints. If the guy you're interested in a conversation it will be seen.