As strange as it sounds, but take this advice: don't use signs. After all, if one is interested in your interlocutor or partner, when communicating with him he forgets about everything. Catch every word the young man and show his whole appearance that even I am afraid to move, just to not miss a single phrase.
Zoom in as close as possible to the young man. Of course, this should be done only to the borders, which in psychology are called personal space. To define it simply. As a rule, it is better not to approach a person closer than arm's length. Otherwise it will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to pay attention to what you want to convey to him.
Try to show the young man that you care for them, eyes. Timid, as if cast a furtive glance that says more than many words and phrases. In some cases, to Express sympathy you can use fun, playful look. Of course, it is necessary to adjust a method of transmitting information in such a way with character and demeanor of the young man. If he is serious, then the best fit the first option. For fun Joker your support will be second.
Smile. This is another almost foolproof way to tell the person about your feelings. Psychologists have noticed that a smile of sympathy symmetric (i.e., both corner of lips raised up equally). It does not matter whether your smile is open or closed. The main thing that it was sincere and bright.
Also, a man will realize that he is nice to you, if you touch the hair as if adjusting his hair for no apparent reason. This category is suitable and the constant repairing of clothing or makeup.
Show that person you like, you can so. When something or want him stretch hand to point in the direction that the hand pointing the wrist towards the opponent. It helps him to appreciate the tenderness and smoothness of your skin and to the eye to determine the degree of your femininity. After all, such a move should be a priori very smooth with soft transitions.
And, of course, Express their sympathy to the young man with the help of tone of voice. Proven to communicate with the object of his passion, the woman's lower voice, sometimes appearing hoarsely. Rate of speech is reduced, as it requires that man understand better the signals that it sent. Psychologists assure a smooth drawling voice will say much more than that information which that voice is presented.