Remember to decide to confess his love to the man, you must be madly in love with it and have a very strong character.
To start, determine for yourself the difference between love, infatuation and passion. Make sure that the feelings you have for that person is true love and not just sympathy.
Then think about how you love the man and what role he plays in your life.
Then make sure your feelings are mutual, then to pronounce words of love you will be much easier. If you really love this man, you will feel in this situation quite freely and comfortably.
In order to effectively Express your feelings to your loved one, try to create a romantic atmosphere. Sit together in a restaurant or in a small, but very cozy cafe.
Throughout the evening select the appropriate time, have the courage and take the first step and tell him of her love. Take a loved one's hand and look him in the eye. This will help you to calm down a little, concentrate and gain confidence.
Let your confession will not only surprise, but also will pleasantly surprise a loved one.
Feel free to openly Express your feelings. Be creative and tell me words of love in several languages. If you want to make your recognition of the original, prepare in advance the recognition in verse. They have to be beautiful and tasteful.
Confess your feelings to the man nicely, but try to avoid the passionate confessions. Remember that this is the destiny of men.
Your restraint will make it clear to the man the entire depth of your feelings and do not scare the suitor, if he is not ready for such speeches. Limit a disarming smile and a phrase that you love him very much.
Uttering the sacred words, be observant and pay attention to his reaction.