Rethink your diet. Eliminate any fatty meals, and limit your salt intake. An excessive amount of animal fats in the diet increases the level of cholesterol in the blood leads to clogged blood vessels and causes heart attack or stroke. Salt also plays an important role in regulating blood pressure. It keeps fluid in the body, thereby increasing the pressure on the walls of blood vessels. Go to change food gradually, each week eliminating from your diet harmful meals.
Give up cigarettes and coffee. Nicotine and caffeine constrict blood vessels, which immediately increases the pressure. Autumn often people smoke the first cigarette in the morning, on an empty stomach and with a Cup of coffee. Perhaps this habit can be quite refreshing and even stylish, but it is detrimental to health.
Fitness work-outs, opting for aerobic exercise. Such exercises not only help to achieve a good figure and muscle tone, but will strengthen the heart muscle. Try not to train too intensely, dosing loads and doing fun.
On prescription use drug therapy. The basic function of all anti-hypertensive drugs - the regulation of vascular tone and a decrease in systemic arterial pressure. The doctor will prescribe medication depending on test results and stage of the disease. It must be remembered that in most cases, taking pills you have to constantly, even if temporary improvement occurs.
Use recipes herbal medicine. Replace your regular tea for an infusion of motherwort, hawthorn, lemon balm, chamomile, Valerian. These herbs have a pronounced sedative effect and increase the tone of blood vessels.