The sooner you learn to swim, the better. Right to swim crawl relatively easy. Indeed, in this form of swimming, if you follow the technique, the swimmer will have to exert minimal effort.


Krol is an absolute record for the use of different swimming competitions in freestyle. Swimmers practically do not share the concept to "crawl" or "freestyle".

This method is by right the fastest. This quick alternating strokes, running half-bent hands. They are accompanied by the constant vertical motion smooth legs. Deciding to learn to swim on their own should take note of the following instructions.

The stroke is to perform bent arms at high position bend the limbs. It turns out that the brush arm will remain perpendicular to the desired direction. Making the stroke, the hand should be left flat, in addition the fingers should be tightly closed.

Stroke is to perform, adhering to the rhythm, with a constant force, without slowdowns. In order to achieve this rhythm, hands after will make the stroke should after its completion, to accelerate. At the end of the stroke, when the hand is near the hip, it is necessary to brush, forearm shoulder came out of the water, only in reverse order. Before beginning the process of bringing the upper limb must be done so that the palm is directed slightly upwards.

You need to position your hips and the head was always on a common level. By increasing the entire torso, it is possible to significantly increase the efficiency of all equipment. So movement will be easier to coordinate.


To learn how to swim the breaststroke, it is necessary to observe real professionals. Their bodies located in water with a maximum flow. Feet should be placed at a depth of forty inches, which is enough to limit efficiency. You cannot perform any unnecessary movements, because their result may be incorrect position of the whole body.

You need to have the shoulders slightly above the hips. The head itself should be placed along the axis of the body. At this time, the neck muscle is almost not tense.

Breath should make, sharply turning his head to the hand, which completes the stroke. All reverse movement is necessary to perform very fast, so they are in time fully coincided with the whole hand.