If your health condition allows you to swim, you learn to tread water as soon as you overcome your fear of the water element. Collect will in a fist and start learning, it is not too difficult.
Start training in the pool or in the water, whose gentle and clean bottom, no waves and currents. It is desirable that the water in the pool was not too cold, then you can avoid the danger of seizures. Do not try to learn to float on their own. First, you might drown, and secondly, someone needs to teach you and insure it.
Use the advice pre-purchase a nose plug, they are used by athletes involved in synchronized swimming. You will be able to master the exercises based on diving. Wear a rubber cap, and tuck the hair under it so that nothing can interfere with your studies.
Exercise "float" helps to understand that the body has buoyancy, and it is pushed out by the water. To perform the exercise, it is necessary to come into water on the chest, inhale, then squat in the water to full immersion. Next you need to get my arms around bent legs and head down to the knees. After a couple of seconds your body will float to the surface. Stay on the surface of the water before you will feel that it is necessary to inhale air. After that, stand on your feet.
Exercise "slide" doing to realize that legs are heavier than water. To run it, it is necessary to go chest deep water and return to shore. Typing the air, dive into the water, crouching down. Rebounding from the bottom of the legs forward and up, try to straighten the body, keeping his hands at his sides. The body will emerge and begin to move forward. Soon you will notice that the legs sink down, and the body assumes a vertical position, as required to prove.
If you completed the previous exercise, trying to kick your legs, you will realize that you can stay on the water. Train while fear will not disappear, and the body will not relax. Once you learn to float, you can begin to learn to swim.