The methods of preparation for the presentation depend on the tasks: a complete reproduction of the text sample, with the creative task (creation of own text). In any case, it is necessary to form the ability to Express in written form their thoughts based on the additional source.
To prepare for the presentation, you should practice. Try to write from memory at least one text. Do not have to choose to work volume excerpts from works, is enough a half page. To successfully perform the job to develop auditory memory. Well, if there's one person you can ask to read the assignment. Seen with my own eyes the text is remembered better, but at the same time, it should be prepared in as close to exam conditions.
First of all, you need to read the text. Read (listen) carefully. Immediately find out the meaning of unfamiliar words.
Determine what the text says (theme). Identify what information is trying to convey to the reader (the main idea of the text). Pay attention to the type of text and style. Try to remember the specifics of the language of the author.
Make a plan. Divide the passage into meaningful parts. Each of them will select the point. Title each part.Identify reference words and phrases. Write down vocabulary and difficult, from your point of view, words that you should pay attention to. Think about how to explain them in writing, remember the rules.
Re-read (listen to) a passage for a second time. Make notes in the draft. Note the accurate use of words and phrases. Check the sequence of paragraphs of the draft text.
Write a statement, based on the basic plan. If necessary, Express your opinion. Check work for spelling and punctuation errors. Read the text aloud pay attention to the presence or absence of speech defects. Rewrite the statement on the clean copy.