First of all, you must understand that the total score is the sum of the points for the test part (unit a, unit b), and for essay-argument (unit).
Block A you will need to choose one correct answer from four options. For each correctly completed task you can get one score. In this test you will be asked to complete thirty tasks. Therefore, the maximum possible score at this stage of work may be thirty primary points.
Completing tasks in a block, you will need to themselves to formulate the correct answer (specify quotation number, or the number of grammatical basics, record a word or phrase, etc.). All you need to perform eight tasks. However, keep in mind that for the first seven tasks will be billed at one point, but for eighth - from one to four. In it you will need to determine the artistic-expressive means used in the text.
The text you were working, doing the job block In, you will need to write an essay-argument. The maximum number of points per piece With twenty - three. But note that the essay should be not less than one hundred and fifty words. Otherwise, you will receive one point for each of the criteria.
Evaluating an essay-the arguments put up one point for correctly formulated problem, one or two points for comment, one more point you will earn for the clear position of the author.
Next set at two points for expressive speech, the sequence and connectivity of parts of the text. Also assessed spelling and punctuation literacy. For this skill you can add to a General primary marks for the three points, if you don't make any mistakes.
Pay attention to grammar and speech, as this also affects the results of your work.
Thus, you can get the maximum raw score, equal to sixty four. But he later still will transfer at a certain scale to test score. Such a scale of transfer, as a rule, voiced by Rosobrnadzor in three or four days after the exam. This score will be brought to you in a certificate of the results of the exam.