Ash. A particularly valuable fertilizer containing all elements except nitrogen. It should be noted that this is an environmentally friendly fertilizer. Store this type of fertilizer in dry, enclosed spaces, as in contact with moisture, the ash loses its properties. Used ash together with nitrogen fertilizer, so it is more effective and useful for potatoes. Ash can make the soil, both in spring and autumn.
Nitrogen fertilisers. Keep in mind, due to its properties, nitrogen fertilizers are easily washed away from the soil, so this type of fertilizer annually bring in the spring.
Phosphorous fertilizer. Due to the fact that the phosphorus slowly absorbed by plants, it is used (mixed with manure) 1 every 2 years in autumn.
Manure. The most common and favorite way to fertilize the soil. It is more available and cheap. It is recommended to fertilize the soil in that quantity in what you have harvested. For example, if you have collected 100 kg of potatoes, enough for the next year to fertilize with manure 100-130 kg. of Course, one must also consider the properties of the soil, so some areas need a little more fertilizer.