The most radical method resorted to by girls, in order to change the shape of the nose is rhinoplasty. The problem you will solve once and for all, but first consider all the positive and negative consequences of their determination. Whether so broad your nose to risk the health?
Try to adjust the width of the nose by using makeup. Take the concealer and powder two shades. One needs to be a tone darker your skin, the second – on a lighter tone. These shades, you will need to adjust the contour of the nose. First, the person must apply the Foundation. Then take a thin brush millimeters, six or seven wide. The bristles of the brush should be short and soft. Next, take a dark powder and apply it with a brush and smooth lines on the sides of the nose. The dark line starts a slight curve from brow, then proceeds in a straight line along the nose and ends on his wings.
Next, a dark powder on the wings of the nose, draw a triangle that shall be in contact with the drawn line. This way you darken more than the widest part of the nose. Tassel with light dust draw a line in the center of the nose - it goes from forehead to tip of nose.
Thoroughly blend all the lines, no clear borders between the shades of powder was not.
To divert attention from the wide, in your view, of the nose, you should bring him to a different part of the face or lips, or eyes, and, perhaps, simultaneously both. Apply lipstick or brighter, if you have large facial features, with the help of mascara and eye shadow matching your shades do more than expressive your eyes. In this case, bright colors of lipstick should be avoided.
Visually narrow the nose moderately dark shade on the inner corner of the eye.
If you have a wide nose, avoid hairstyles with bangs. Your appearance will ruin straight bangs and smooth, long, round, thick bangs and a ladder. You are optimal for medium length hair. If the haircut is short, try to make it more volume in the occipital part and do not cover your face with your hair. Means for stacking raise the hair on the crown.
The best hair color that visually slim wide and big nose – light brown.
Order your glasses in the original frame. You may fit the dark rims with a narrow bezel lens, with corners that pronounced. Interesting shape of the frame in this case also shifts the focus from your nose to the eyes.
Extraordinary style of clothing also will draw attention away from too wide of a nose.