You will need
  • digital photograph;
  • - Adobe Photoshop.
Having a photograph where you don't like the nose, you can fix the defect with a special image editor ? Adobe Photoshop. It can be purchased, and you can download a trial version online. Install the software on your personal computer.
Open the file with desired photoby Grafia.
On the toolbar of this software, select "Push". Pick the right tool options to adjust the nose: "the ball" needs to be the size of the tip of the nose. Slowly and gently lower the nose, allowing the nose on photography would be much narrower.
Using the same tool, reduce the length of the nose ("ball" set in the tip and slowly adjust the length of the nose).
Using the tool "Clone Stamp", now paint other visible defects, such as birthmarks, freckles and other spots, giving the face tone.
To change the size of the nose on the photography you can and other ways. In particular, by choosing the tool "Tool Lasso" (Lasso), select the image region, which is the nose.
Then use the filter "Plastic" to you and I saw correct the nose – it can blend into the background or borders are not very clear. Around the selected region will appear red and the "cloud".
Then select the tool "Shrinkage". The cursor slide "edges" of the nose so that this part of the face has turned out the way you imagine it. Thus it is possible to remove the "extra". Make sure the brush size was not too large, otherwise the changes would be excessive and unnatural.
When you realize that you did everything the way I wanted, click in the dialog box "OK".
To deselect, press "Ctrl+D".