Big nose for its owners is a real punishment. Sometimes they don't even want the extra time to look in the mirror. But you can't live, have to attempt that will allow you to make the appearance more attractive, and the nose less noticeable.

Cosmetic tweaks

Thanks to cosmetic tricks, you can divert attention from a large nose, and visually reduce it. Often, to achieve this you need to slightly change the shape of the eyebrows, or rather, change their thickness and curve. It is better to entrust this work opytnomu make-up artist, but with some skill can do it yourself. So, to balance the overall appearance of face, eyebrows should be well-defined bend or round. To rectify the situation will help correct eye makeup. You should use a darker shade in the inner corner of the eye, thus, they visually narrow the nose, and the nose will appear smaller than it really is.


If you order glasses in the original frame, it will be possible to hide a big nose. Of course, not all vision problems, but you can just put glass-nulevka. However, some people complex at the expense of points, but it's yesterday, and thanks to this accessory you can complete your image, bringing it concise. For owners of big nose perfect dark rim where the lens frame is narrow, with a sharply angulated. Also, they can advise and striking original shapes, which will move the focus from the nose to the eyes.


When the nose appears large, one can resort to rhinoplasty. An experienced surgeon will advise you which form will look seamless on the face, as well as to confirm that the operation is really necessary, as the shape of the nose can really screw your appearance and this problem is not far-fetched, as is often the case. Moreover, thanks to new technologies, you will see your new nose before the rhinoplasty, the surgeon usually makes three-dimensional image in a computer program, and the client makes the final decision.

To increase self-esteem

Psychologists say that not a person's appearance is the key to his happiness, and attitude. To big nose stopped bothering, you just need to love yourself the way nature intended. Because often it happens that a person once having the surgery, comes to a plastic surgeon again and again. The main thing to understand is that perfection does not exist, and everyone has their own understanding of beauty, so you need to accept yourself fully, and not just any part of the body.