You will need
  • Foundation (be sure to select the most similar to the shade of your skin), two tone means half a tone darker and lighter than the base, sponge for makeup, compact powder.
Apply to face tonal Foundation. For this you can use a makeup sponge or a special brush.
Now for the correction of the nose. Long been known that dark colors will significantly reduce the volume, but light, on the contrary, increase. Thus, if you want to make the nose thinner, the dark tone should be applied to the wings of the nose, and the light on the back and nose.
Girls who want to hide the long nose, you need to darken the tip of the nose and a little Sassetot nose.

But those who wish simply to make the nose smaller, better to just cover it with Foundation which is darker than the main no more than a half tone.
In conclusion, it is important to smooth out all the edges, to make it look as natural as possible. To do this, take a makeup sponge, dampen it with water and remove any excess Foundation.

You can then use a compact powder. It will consolidate result and will not allow the makeup to "leak".