We must start with the makeup. To adjust the shape of the nose is possible with the help of tonal shades. Apply all over face concealer base color, that is the one that is closest to your complexion. Pick one cream lighter and one darker than the main cream of a semitone. All the creams have to create a matte, velvety surface of the skin.
So, visually change wider nose bridge can, causing on the back light tone, and the wings of the nose darker. Blend thoroughly, it was not visible boundaries. To do this, use damp cloth.
If you think that your nose is too long, then on the nose apply a bright cream color and the tip of the nose more dark cream. To hide the tip of the nose when applied on cheeks. The same blush lightly touch the tip. Only use warm colors: bronze and orange, but in any case not pink and pearl.
Do you think that you have too large a nose? Apply to the entire surface of the nose of dark concealer and blend, creating a smooth transition from one tone to another.
Use the universal rule: everything that want to increase highlight a bright tone and lustre, all that is to alienate a dark tone. After applying your Foundation and powder face, to reinforce the tone and remove the excess glitter.
A great influence on the perception of the shape of the nose has the shape of the eyebrows. Big nose not tweeze eyebrows much, as well as don't leave them too thick. Ideally, the shape of the eyebrows should be a semicircular shape with a slight bend or kink.
To make the nose look proportionately with other parts of the face, okropnie with makeup: make eyes more expressive, the lips large.
The right choice of hairstyle is also fundamental. Perfect hairstyles for faces with a big nose – dimensional medium or long length.
In short it is created on the back of his head and facial hair are removed. Remember that bangs in your hairstyle shouldn't be in any case. The exception is asymmetrical and very short bangs. Visually reduce the size of the nose light brown or blond hair. If you are burning brunette, Procrustes blonde and check it out for yourself.
No matter how you worry about the shape of the nose, know that it is your perception purely subjective and does not reflect a realistic assessment of your appearance.