Giving warmth and affection kittens from the first days of their lives. Frequently take on hand, but do it so that the baby feel safe. If the kitten is very young, keep it in a horizontal position and ensure that the foot does not hang down with your palms. It needs to feel warmth and support, in other words, security. Your task – to provide both.
A little grown kitten may hiss on the host or guest. Let him know that you are not represent for it danger. Let him get used to the smell of hands, and to do this, wait until he stops backing away and hiss, then take him in my arms. Prigovarivaya and be sure to Pat the kitten. This will help him calm down and a bit to get used to you. But don't expect it to immediately "settle" on your lap. Cats are very freedom-loving, so give them time to get used to you and comfortable in your presence.
Cat weasel may occur as a reciprocal feeling. Feed and care for cats, raise, but do it without aggression. In any case, don't hit the animal, do not threaten a newspaper or book. The cat will either hold a grudge and be sure to take revenge, or take hand holding over him the paper, as a toy and will bite and attack whenever you'll want to pet him.
Perhaps the cat was unkind after you scared him. For example, you have fed him with it, and the next, something fell with a loud sound. After this, especially if the kitten is very young, he is unlikely to take a treat with it, fearing danger. In fact, any sound of a cat is regarded as a threat from which they either hide or defend, or attack her. Do not make loud or sudden movements, otherwise the cat will perceive you as the enemy. Pat the cat, if you offended him, or give it a treat, a new toy. But if you earn that forgiveness or not, the cat will decide.