Organize the diet of the baby. You can feed the animal food, cooked, or transfer it to industrial canned food and pellets. The first months of the pet has to get special food for kittens, and later it is translated into a balanced food suitable for Oriental cats. Such a diet will help to maintain the beautiful Shine of fur and graceful proportions of the animal. Feed the kitten 6 times a day, after six months it can be transferred to four meals feeding, and by year - half Board.
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Don't let the kitten to beg for food and do not feed him from the table. Educated cat should not approach the place of a meal. If not to provoke the kitten, he will not show interest in others ' food.
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If you have purchased a purebred kitten, it is likely already housebroken. Ask the breeder what litter tray and prefers a pet. Make sure that the kitten's way to the pot, there were no obstacles. If you don't want to keep all doors open, give them special cat doors. Regularly change the litter box - the kitten may refuse to visit a dirty tray. If you have other cats, give the newcomer a separate toilet - this will help avoid unnecessary conflicts between animals.
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Decide where to sleep the baby. The kitten may like a soft basket or a special little house. But don't be surprised if he prefers a windowsill or shelf in the linen closet. If you do not plan to let the pet in your bed, from the first day teach him that the bedroom door is closed. Note that the kittens are persistent. If you do not show perseverance, he can succeed and evict him from the bedroom will not be easy.
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To avoid damage to furniture and to protect the animal, trim the kitten's claws with special clippers, leaving no burrs. This procedure should be carried out every week, cutting off only the sharp tips. At first the kitten will to resist, but soon get used to it.
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Do not expect that the baby will sleep all the time. Activity is a distinctive feature of Siamese kittens. In my free time, play with a pet. One of the best entertainment - a game with a sheet of stiff paper, rolled into a ball. This simple device will take the kitten for a long time. Do not buy toys with small parts - beads, rubber bands, bows. The baby could chew off and choke on.
Oriental cats - being independent and touchy. Some believe that they are vindictive and may seek revenge for unjust punishment. Therefore, rigid methods of influence to Siamese kittens use is not worth it. The key to success is persistence, attention and affection.