You will need
  • - feeder;
  • house (bedding);
  • - a tray (2);
  • toys.
Stick to the General recommendations for education of kittens. Avoid moralizing and punishment following the Commission of a misdemeanor. Remember that effective punishment can only be in the time of the crime, but in any case not before – otherwise, the kitten just will not know what you call it. And in any case, it is necessary to abandon unnecessarily harsh measures. The most effective way – a simple clap their hands or a short angry cry. Use one exclamation, to secure reaction. Whatever you wanted to achieve - to teach him not to jump on the table or, for example, to accustom to the place, stay calm and friendliness.
Как воспитать ласкового котенка
Use imagination to wean a kitten from an unwanted action, without harming it. For example, to put an end to his aspirations to enter the master's bed will help rustling foil that will kill for him, the appeal of this place. If you are struggling with puddles on the floor, make sure he's comfortable and convenient to go to the toilet in the place that you have identified. Kittens, and adult specimens are large in size, so they require a lot of space – including in the tray. If they will not be able to turn around there, most likely they will seek a more comfortable area for spravleniya natural needs.
можно ли вырастить котенка пока на работе
Make a diet which you will continue to be followed strictly. Immediately consider to whom and when it will be convenient to feed the kitten, and try to minimize the probability of changing the mode selected. Remember that it is better, if the food is not all day, but served a few times (more or less often – depending on the age of the kitten). So you discipline the kitten there at certain hours. Do not eat before feeding him, if you want to instill in him the habit of begging for tidbits from your table. Remember that the Golden rule of the owner of the cat or dog first, feed your pet, then eat it yourself.
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Do not impose British kitten his place, wait until your headstrong pet will find himself in the most comfortable corner in his house, and try to put a house or just put the litter.
чем кормить британца 1.5 месяцев
Don't forget that the British breed needs lots of affection and attention, and if it will be lack of care, may begin the differences that greatly complicate the process of education. Moreover, a large part of the blame for the pranks of a kitten will lie to you, and it can be difficult to understand what actions are unpleasant.
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