Kittens Siberian cat is better to take at the age of 2.5-3 months. By this time, most babies can already do without my mom.
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Take care of purchasing all the equipment that is necessary for life Siberian kitten in your home, in advance. Children will need separate bowls for food and water, toilet, scratching post, litter or basket, portable basket for travel, toys, combs and brushes, home first aid kit.
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Introduction Siberian kitten with his new housing begin with the toilet. Experienced breeders recommend to put the tray in such a secluded place, to which the baby will have permanent access. Remember that to housebreak a kitten much easier than an adult cat.
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Never leave the litter box dirty, otherwise the kitty will poop next to it. If this trouble occurs, do not scold the animal, because blame only you. Safely remove the kitten and put him in the tray.
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Treat Siberian kitten as a small child, don't hit or yell at him for mistakes and misdeeds. In the extreme case of a strictly talk to him and explain what the kid did wrong. Teach your little Siberian to the word "no." But do not forbid the kitten absolutely everything, otherwise it ceases to perceive this team.
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From the first days of the appearance of a Siberian kitten in your home decide for yourself where you forbid him to be. As a rule, many cat owners don't allow their Pets to sleep on the master bed, to climb on the dining room table, hanging on the wall carpets and curtains. If you allow your Siberian kitten to violate the ban at least once, the further education of the kid will be absolutely useless.
Spend enough time the procedure of training a Siberian kitten to the scratching post. Playing with the baby, periodically hold it to this useful device and scrub it on the front paws of a kitten. So you can protect your furniture from sharp claws of the Siberian.
The most important thing in raising a Siberian kitten is patience. Communicate with your furry baby more often, be nice to him. Then the pet will understand that you are very much like him.