You will need
    • 700 – 1000 g chicken (better to take the broiler);
    • chicken seasoning grill;
    • 2 heads of garlic;
    • black pepper;
    • salt.
Bought the chicken need to gut, of course, only if it is not gutted. Next, wash and dry, for this purpose it is necessary to put on a paper towel.
Prepare a mixture of seasonings, you can unleash all your imagination or just buy a ready-made store-bought seasoning. Indian spices is the best approach to the chicken grill. If there are none you have, then try the "Aromatics". Ready the seasoning, sometimes you need to add a bit of salt and pepper. With the mixture RUB the chicken, inside and out. Peel two heads of garlic, one skip through chesnokodavku and liberally brush over the carcass, and the other head cut into slices and paste them into specially made holes in the chicken. Moreover, the deeper, the better.
Next, you need to leave prepared the meat for 30 minutes for marinating. And if you don't want to prevent the breakage of the microwave, it is best to wrap the ends of the legs and wings in foil. Foil should not fly, because otherwise you get a discharge, which invalidates the magnetron. To microwave oven panel, select the mode "Grill" and place the chicken on the grill. Fry on both sides for 15 minutes. Under the grill it is best to substitute any dish in order to her dripping juice from chicken.
If you do not have the mode "Grill" in the microwave, then you can do oven. In this case, cooking time chicken grill will increase. At a temperature of 200 degrees fry the chicken first for 20 minutes and rest 20 minutes at 220 degrees. Don't forget to flip the chicken! And fry need until Golden color.Optionally, you can decorate the finished dish with fresh tomatoes and zucchini cooked in a double boiler. And if we sprinkle them with soy sauce, then the chicken grill gains a certain piquancy.