Chicken is different

Chicken is one of the most common types of poultry. It bred not only for meat but also eggs. All breeds of chickens can be divided into three groups: egg, meat and meat-egg.

Industrial chicken production is focused on the cultivation of special breeds of broilers. From these chickens get juicy, tender meat that is perfect for frying.

Use chicken

First of all, the chicken is valued for the large amount of easily digestible protein, vitamin E, A, B2, B6, B12. Also it contains a lot, in comparison with other types of poultry, potassium and phosphorus.

Chicken no carbs and little fat. The main drawback of this bird is its skin, which is replete with fatty tissue. However, if you wish, you can always delete. With the exception of the wings: they are the skin is not as oily, it can not remove.

Special attention is given chicken soup. It is not as useful and harmless, because it is replete with cholesterol. The confusion about its benefits left over from the total food deficit.

How to choose a chicken

If you decide to purchase a frozen chicken, carefully inspect its packaging. The presence of icicles indicates that the carcass was defrosted and re-frozen at least once.

A good chicken should be opaque, the skin is white, without spots. It also allowed the skin with a slightly yellowish tinge.

Chicken in cooking

The chicken is quite widely used in cooking. Prepare for excellent first and second courses, hot and cold snacks. Also chicken meat is an ingredient of many salads.

For frying it is better to choose youngish chicken average and above average fatness. Meat from old chickens can safely be used for cooking minced products: meatballs, meatballs, meatballs.

To prepare the broth is better to choose a carcass of an adult but not too old hen to moderate condition. The old hens and chickens for this purpose is not suitable because the broth they make is not enough fragrant and transparent.

For salads and cold appetizers will fit the carcass of any age. Slesak of fat and chicken should be cut off and paratopes, add to pies, for roasting meat, and so forth. Fat in chicken carcass is located mainly in the lower part of the abdomen.

How to boil, fry and bake chicken

To full chicken is fully cooked, requires 50-60 minutes. This figure may increase if cooking was selected carcass of the old hen.

Separate pieces of chicken – breast, thigh – will be ready in half an hour, and the wings 15-20 minutes.

For frying chicken will take 20 minutes, thighs and Breasts – a half-hour, the legs and wings in 25 minutes.

When baking in the oven the chicken will be ready in 1.5-2 hours. So it turned out juicy, it must be baked in a special package or foil.

How many calories in chicken

The caloric value of the chicken is relatively small. 100 grams of fresh poultry contains nearly 240 calories. During heat treatment of its caloric value increases. So, 100 grams of fried chicken will be almost 300 calories.