You will need
  • - user ID;
  • password.
Connect to your map service "Sberbank Online". To do this, visit an office of the savings Bank of Russia with documents proving your identity, and write a statement. Strictly speaking, the service should be available with and without statements, by default. However, you will not be able to use the full functionality of the service.
Will receive a user ID and password via ATM or self-service terminals of Sberbank. To do this, insert your credit card into the ATM/terminal and enter your PIN. Select in the main menu of the ATM/terminal category of "Internet service". Order your permanent password.
Take a long check, which will give you the device. Your user ID and password will be printed on this receipt. Attention then will print another receipt with one-time passwords. Don't forget to take him. Carefully store both the check, so no one can use your money.
Get a password to the system "Sberbank Online" via "Mobile Bank", if the service you connected to. To do this, send from a phone connected to system "Mobile Bank" SMS with the word "password" or parol – Latin letters - the 900 number. If you use multiple cards of the savings Bank, after the word "password" enter the last 4 digits of the credit card. To separate numbers from words by a space, hyphen, period, or "lattice," i.e., a sign "#".
Wait for SMS reply with the number 900, which will set your permanent password and phone number which you will need to call to get your user ID.
Enter on the login page of the service "Sberbank Online" you received love of the methods described above, the user ID and password. Instead of password you can use disposable. Click on the "Next" button. If you make a mistake when entering data, repeat the login – information on your cards and accounts will appear on the main page of the service.
Click on the name of the desired card and you will see more details about it, including a list of recent transactions. If you order your account statement on your e-mail for any desired period.