In order to know the availability of funds on the card, you need to find an ATM the credit institution that provided you with it. With the help of a plastic card and a pin you enter in the system. Selecting a field in the "balance Inquiry", you can check the balance on the account. The system will ask you to determine the method of withdrawal: on the screen or print receipt.
If you have Internet at home, you can use the new service for financial institutions - Internet banking. To login you need to register on the website of the Bank and come up with a secure password and username to protect your account from hacking scams. In the menu you should choose "Balance on account". With the new service, you can see the latest activity on your card,transactions on your account - how much was removed and where. You can also make a transfer between your accounts or transfer money to a foreign account to pay for a number of goods and services.
Another way to check your card balance is to call the Bank specialist contact number. To provide information You will be asked for your name, the contract number or the card number and secret word that you made up when you signed the credit agreement. In addition to a Bank employee to give you information about the balance on the account and the automated system. For this you need to contact the Bank the contact number to transfer your phone in tone mode using buttons with the image of a grid or stars, and follow the instructions, select the operation number corresponding to the check card balance.
In some banks you can connect the service "Mobile payment", where all transactions occurring with the map, you will be notified via SMS messages. Also, SMS can be read and the account status. For example, owners of sberbankovskuyu card associated with a mobile number, you can just send to number 900, the word "balance", and in a few minutes the answer will come.