Advice 1: As in the song to leave only the voice

Just as engineers are not in a hurry to reveal the secrets of their workings, musicians rarely share with the public something other than songs. However, sometimes it is necessary not the final material, and the source – for example, the vocal of some songs.
As in the song to leave only the voice
You will need
  • -Adobe Audition 3.0
Install Adobe Audition 3.0. You will also need a VST plugin Center Channel Extractor download it on the sites devoted to the editing of sound.
Create a copy of the song from which you want to extract the vocals. It is preferable, if it's a song recorded in high quality format with minimal compression. Open it with Audition.
Click Effect -> Stereo Image -> Center Channel Extractor. On the screen a window will appear with dozens of sliders to edit the plugin. Each song has a unique set of frequencies, it is incoming, and therefore of universal value for each parameter does not exist. To achieve the best quality cut acapellas can only after going through several options.
In paragraph Extract Audio From specify the time domain, which is the vocals. The "left" part is the beginning, "right", respectively, mean. If you need a specific fragment, set the "selectively" and set the edit area.
Describe the voice in the paragraph Frequency Range. The human voice can sound only in a certain frequency range that you need to determine. The user is given the options of Male Voice, Female Voice, Bass and Full Spectrum, corresponding to male, female and bass party, respectively. If several vocalists, it is preferable to choose the last item, removing all of the available human ligaments frequency. However, this setting is "rough" and reduces the final quality.
Center Channel Level slide to the right side panel.
Volume Boost Mode (volume up) use at own discretion.
In subparagraph Descrimination Settings is a set of options to edit sound. Crossover sets the level of the music (move to 0-7%); Phase Discrimination takes medium and high values; with Amplitude Discrimination \ Bandwidth will have to experiment in each case. Spectral Decay Rate is an integrator and a smoothing parameter, its value ranges from 80 to 100 %. Select FFT Size in the range 4096 – 10240; Overlays - 3-9; Interval Size – 10-50 MS; the Window Width is 30-100%.
After changing the settings click "Edit" and then save the mix, which will remain voice only. If the quality of the vocals is unsatisfactory, change the settings in the specified range.

Advice 2: How to write songs from only music

Sometimes the music in the song can be so emotional, so close that even want just to listen to her without words. Or sing to the tune karaoke on any occasion. However, it is not always possible to find the right "minus". In this case, it is always possible to independently cut the words from any song.
How to write songs from only music
You will need
  • The song itself and a special program (Adobe Audition or Vogone 2).
Accurately cut the words from songs is hardly without a trace. For this purpose, special programs, music editors. This can better be done using special equipment, however, not always it turns out to be at hand. It is worth noting that none of the existing editing software is fully able to remove the vocals, especially without a trace. Therefore when editing, it's worth considering. Also all of them have a lot of disadvantages. It is worth noting that no program is able to remove reverbation (echo while recording), it must in any case remain.For remove words from songs lovers used the program Vogone Vocal Elimination Workstation. It suppresses vocals, removing or decreasing it at specific frequencies across the sound field. When editing, the format is WAV, so before working with this program, you should use a suitable Converter. Well with the conversion from MP3 to cope Winamp, or a simple program MP3 to WAV Decoder.
Good job with removing vocals Adobe Audition. It is a special item – remove vocals. It works with virtually any audio files. All necessary parameters are set to the corresponding settings (favorites – Edit favorites – Remove vocals – Edit). The program has many settings that rule should be empirically and individually for each composition.
These programs can help in the preparation of the backing, but they do not replace the musical instrument, with which you can more cleanly remove the unnecessary vocals. This should be taken into account and one should not overstate the requirements for the computer music software.
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