You will need
  • computer;
  • program Sound Forge.
Download program Sound Forge from the official developer site of Sony. This is one of the few programs that has the most fine tuning edit audio recordings. The program is paid, so before using it you will need to obtain a license key, which opens the access menu. When paying with a software product with a Bank card, be extremely careful, use a virtual on-screen keyboard and the antivirus program with the function of scanning the network.
After installation and registering the program Sound Forge, run it, if necessary, install crack. Via the menu "File" add a song or other audio recording, where you need to cut out voice. Go to Process and open Channel Converter. Select the preset Stereo to stereo – Vocal Cut (remove center material) and confirm the operation.
The result of the processing in this case will depend entirely on the source file, if the vocals was previously recorded using stereorelease treatments are likely in the target file, you will hear its echoes. The principle of this method is based on the removal of the Central part of stereodinamikami, because the recording quality may not be the best. The resulting backing is unlikely to fit you for business use, rather, they are more relevant for practice or home use.
Depending on the purpose of the backing determine the suitability of the program Sound Forge, because it is not free, but the quality of the recording is often lower than expected. It is best to choose an alternative program if, in addition to voice removal you will no longer use the other functions of this software.