Advice 1: How to make a cell

Minus – the audio recording of the song, which removed one party (track), most voice. In rare cases, "minus" is done without drums, bass guitar or other solo instrument, depending on the purpose and specialization of the speaker of the musician. Creating backing tracks – work of the sound engineer but also musician can make a quality recording.
How to make a cell
You will need
  • computer;
  • - sound editor;
  • - more programs for processing and recording sound;
  • - basic technical skills;
  • - if possible, record a song;
  • - Studio equipment for recording.
There are two basic ways to create backing tracks. The first, more simple, allows you to make a minus of already recorded songs. This option is suitable for performing songs written by other composers. The sequence of operations is minimal.
Upload audio songs in any audio editor. Sound engineers often prefer programs like Audition, Cubase, Sound Forge, Audacity less. Choose the application that you clearer and closer.
By means of a program or the additional processing means cut the MIDs of the track. There, usually, is the vocal. The algorithm of actions varies in different editors. Listen to the result to ensure success. The disadvantage of this method is that either the voice does not disappear completely, either with him disappears a number of parties of the accompaniment. In the end, the accompaniment sounds or muffled voice, or with a certain emptiness.
The second way of recording backing tracks, record from scratch. It is a little different from the normal recording track, the only difference is the lack of party vote.
When recording backing tracks from scratch great attention is paid not only to equipment but also to the acoustic properties of the room for recording. As a rule, meets all the requirements of a professional recording Studio: amplifiers quite clearly convey all the shades of sound, the walls have good sound insulation, sound can with a sufficient degree of professionalism to control the process.
The order entry tools traditional: first drums, then bass and the rest of the rhythm section (for example, rhythm guitar). Then, Yes, from low to high. After that, the sound evens out the volume of the batch, removes noise and makes tracks to a single track. Detailed description of the entry lists the link under the article.

Advice 2: How to make backing tracks songs

Typically, the backing tracks of the songs are created in recording studios professional sound engineers. But this service is quite expensive. A novice musician who cannot afford to pay for the creation of backing tracks , you can create it yourself on your home computer.
How to make backing tracks songs
You will need
  • Computer, Adobe Audition
First decide what way we are going to create it. You can pick up of each instrument by ear using the MIDI editor. But then on the MIDI track will have to substitute the sound of a VST instrument ("revive"). You can also create minus of the positive phonogram, erasing the voice with the help of special programs. Consider this method in more detail.
It should be understood that to create backing tracks high quality, you must use only high-quality file-original. Therefore, the mp3 files should be avoided.
Remove from the phonogram of the voice using Adobe Audition. Running the program, in turn, open all previously created backup. Opening all the Windows, start editing the track "original". To do this, in the left pane, double-click on the track name. Then under “Edit View” (Edits) and the waveform of the track allocated by double-clicking the left mouse button.
Next, on the tab “Effects” (Effects) go to the “Filters -> Center Channel Extractor” to Extract the center channel) where you can choose a preset “Karaoke”.
In this window, drag the slider of “Center Channel Level” you can change the volume of the centre. And with the “Discrimination Settings” discrimination), to adjust the width of cut. You can also select the desired preset.
Now, click on the “Preview” button (View) to preview a record. And if you are satisfied, it remains only to click on the “OK”button.

Advice 3: How to make Remix songs

Remix – from the English "Remix" - the creation of original track based on material already composed songs. The Remix uses the vocals of the original, but, as a rule, completely swept aside accompaniment. The name of the Remix is usually prepared like this: the Performer of the original – the name of the original author's name of the Remix style Remix of the remix).
How to make Remix songs
Cut out the vocals from songs. For this purpose, special programs that are available, for example, the website listed below the article. Insert track vocals each in a separate file, preferably in the format .waw or similar, preserving high sound quality.
Draw a diagram of the instrumental accompaniment, consider how "cut" the vocals to create new melodies and rhythms. Make sure that the song evolved from simple to complex: tools should be added gradually. Conformed with the style of the Remix: reggae, tango, jazz, electro etc.
Make turns all parts on all instruments in the track in this order: drums, bass, rest of the rhythm section, Yes. Last, insert the track with the vocals and treat in accordance with their needs.
Keep track: get overtones, balance the volume of each track adjust the frequency. In the final stage, add effects. Save the file in format .mp3 or .waw depending on the purpose.

Advice 4: What distinguishes the guitar from left-handed guitars

For a long time, lefties have faced discrimination. In the Middle ages the man who owns the left hand better than right, could be accused of witchcraft and Association with the devil. Lefties tried to retrain, but at the end of the 20th century everything changed for left handed individuals, a host of products, including special scissors and openers. For them there are also special guitars.
Guitar for lefties
The guitar is one of the most common musical instrument on the planet. Thanks to a fairly wide range and the relative simplicity of the game it has become popular in a variety of styles of music – from flamenco to black metal. Produced dozens of varieties of guitars. Many popular rock musicians have their own instruments issued by well-known manufacturers especially for them.

As played left-handed guitar before?

Many famous guitarists are left – handed: for example, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain.
The abundance of left-handers among musicians is not surprising, because the left hand controls the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity and imagination.

First left-hander played on an ordinary guitar, no distinction was. Just had to put the strings in reverse order, so you can easily take any chord in the mirror. Classic guitars of the "dreadnought" does not have a cutout for ease of play, their body is mirror symmetrical, so no problems. With the advent of Jumbo guitars, and electric guitars, whose casing is asymmetric relative to the longitudinal axis, the situation has changed.

Features of left-handed guitars

Now the market offers a lot of guitars for people owning better with the left hand. In fact, the left-handed guitar is a mirror image of a normal guitar. The belt clip socket for a cord, the machine to tension the string, the notch for the hand, and often pick stand on the other side, back to the way they are located on a conventional guitar. Exactly the same make and bass guitar. Produced "left-handed" guitars are much less than traditional, as left-handers compared to right-handers a little bit.

Not all lefties buy a "left-handed" tools. So, Hendrix all my life I played on a normal Stratocaster, designed for the right handed, just pull the strings in reverse order. However, he could play on the strings, stretched beneath the right-hander reiterated his contemporaries. On the outs so the strings were playing and bluesman albert king.
As a child, albert king was trying to retrain for a righty. Nothing came of it, but there was the original style of play (king took the usual right-handed guitar, not pulling the strings, and played on it with the left hand).

By the way, the web is no problem to find a free lesson guitar specifically for people with a leading left hand.

Advice 5: What is the difference between rhythm guitar and solo guitar

Many of those who are just starting to learn guitar, I can not understand the difference between rhythm guitar, solo guitar, are there differences in design and sound and, if so, which option is preferable.
What is the difference between rhythm guitar and solo guitar
In fact, structural differences between the solo guitar and rhythm guitar – a myth. As he emerged, to determine not possible, but quite often you can hear the spoken "competently" words that rhythm and solo – two separate types of guitars. In fact the only difference is what playing technique is used by the guitarist. No external differences between these instruments. More than that – to play rhythm and solo on the same guitar.

Solo guitar

As the name suggests, the solo guitar is used for solo performances of the parties. Its function is to set a melodic line. Solo party (the "losses") often include the song in the beginning or in the interval between the second and third verses. It gives a particular expression and demonstrates the skill of the musician. Very nice lead guitar and modern arrangement of classical works.

Except for some inserts in the song, the solo guitar can carry the melody, making the performance more vivid, hard. This technique is popular among heavy metal fans. Another option to give the music of beauty and grace is a play on variations of the main melody during the execution. It is also engaged in solo guitar. The main objective of this tool is giving a piece of music expressiveness and effectiveness.

Rhythm guitar

Quality work the rhythm guitar – a very important element of music. If a solo player (which often has great skills and professionalism of performance) can afford some liberties, or improvisation, rhythm guitarist creates a kind of musical "skeleton", which should be very clear and correct. The rhythm guitar is used in almost all genres – from hard rock to popular music.

The basic rhythm of the composition specifies a sequence of chords, it structures the work and (together with drums) creates a bit - the main rhythmic component, while remaining a background. Rhythm guitar is the main element of forming a common motive of music.

Rhythm and lead guitar do not have differences in the technical characteristics, although, depending on the needs to play the rhythm or the solo, the musician can replace strings in accordance with their preferences (which is optional). The same guitar can play in that role.

Advice 6: How to make a gun in Minecraft: for assistance in creating

In the computer game Minecraft, players very often quarrel and fight with each other. In order to defeat an opponent, you must have siege weapons, which include a gun. Minecraft involves the construction of various modifications of the guns.
How to make a gun in Minecraft: for assistance in creating

Cannons in Minecraft are used to throwing long distances a variety of items, like dynamite. Appearance of the guns differs significantly from the usual appearance of this siege weapons.

To the characteristics of the guns are: built of solid blocks on the ground are unbearable. In addition, the guns can be built on the ship, and also to use a so-called "pocket gun".

In Minecraft how to make a simple gun without mods

The most simple and primitive a weapon designed to shoot dynamite. For construction you need the following items:

- solid blocks;

red dust;

- repeaters — 4 PCs.;

- bucket of water

- the button to activate the gun.

Initially find the optimal location for the cannon, as it will be naperegonki. Then we'll set up a base in the form of the T-shaped Foundation made of obsidian or other hard blocks. In the center of the framework must remain cavity in which to pour water.

With the rear end of the building put some of the blocks of the limiters that will not help to cut off the source of water when you add the dynamite. Install repeat and connect them with red dust. Button will help your gun to successfully detonate.

In the cavity of the gun, place the sticks of dynamite and a shell.

Like in Minecraft to build advanced cannon

Successfully created a simple gun is enough to improve in order to create a more powerful weapon. You will need:

- sand;

- pistons;

- red dust.

Add into the design a small amount of sand and pistons which are connected by the red dust.

Like in Minecraft to build a dynamite gun

You will need:


- dynamite;

- Redstone-torch.

The process of creating a dynamite gun is quite simple and is to obsidian to make a column height of 5-10 units, and thickness of 1 unit. The rank of obsidian create a platform on which you want to place 8 sticks of dynamite and a Redstone torch. To do this should be in the form of a square, in the center of the torch.

The principle of operation of this tool is as follows: 4 checkers in contact with the torch, then detonate and run various distances between the remaining 4 of the dynamite.


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