Basma is an environmentally friendly paint. It is extracted from the dried leaves of the plant Indigo, which grows in the tropics. Usually Basma applied together with coffee or henna, as well as pure color hair in the green-blue color. Basma has useful properties, it stimulates hair growth, adds Shine and strengthens the structure. Cook Basma required before applying on hairas to keep it impossible, because it may deteriorate.
Mix the henna with Basma. Depending on the length of your hair take from 30 to 100 g powder. If you mix henna with Basma in equal proportions, you are likely to get a chestnut color. Make your hair become black in colorand you need to mix henna with Basma in the ratio of 2:1. Then, the resulting mixture apply on hair. First apply the color to the occipital region of the head, because there hair colored longer. Then evenly distribute the paint along the entire length. To get a rich black colorand let sit on hair for 1-2 hours.
In the end rinse hair with warm water. Basma, unlike conventional paint, faster hair so it is worth to care for them after staining. In the first place when washing, use shampoos containing gentle components as well as the balms have the same properties. To maintain the rich color after washing, rinse hair with the following solution. Pour 1.5 liters of boiling water 25 grams of henna and 25 grams of Basma. Further cool the solution and strain it. This will keep the color of hair for a long time, as well as to strengthen the structure and roots. Don't forget that after dyeing with natural ingredients is not recommended to use chemical dyes, since the reaction can be unpredictable.