You will need
  • - peel walnuts
  • - oak bark
  • - black tea
  • - bark and leaves of Linden
  • henna and Basma
To get rich color will help the green peel of walnuts. Peel with 0.5 kg of walnuts fill 0, 5 liters of boiling water, allow the solution to stand for 24 hours and rinse their hair. To hands are not stained in a dark color, work with nuts with gloves on.
For a dark shade of hair, use the bark of oak, which you can buy at the pharmacy. Brew it with the coffee and the resulting broth rinse hair. Such events do after each shampooing.
For coloring hair a dark color can be used a decoction from the bark and leaves of limes. For its preparation you will need 5 tablespoons of chopped branches and leaves of limes and 1.5 cups of water. Keep this mixture on low heat until then, until it is boiled a third. To stay need 1 Cup of broth. Allow the liquid to infuse, treat their hair, and after half an hour rinse. The end result is a dark brown color.
Boil 200 g of black tea in a liter of water. After each shampooing rinse this liquid hair. To during the procedure, not stained hands, wear gloves. This method is more suitable for brunettes who want to spice up the hair and parallel to treat them.
For imparting dark color to hair, you can use sage. They can even paint the gray hair. Half a Cup of dry leaves should be boiled a few minutes, then the broth needs to soak for 8 hours. Ready mix, strain, moisten her hair and let it dry completely. Repeat this action until the desired hue.
To darken your hair with vinegar and soy sauce. Mix half a Cup of these components and moisten the mixture pre-washed without the use of cosmetics hair. After that you should wash your hair with shampoo. With this method, it is possible not only to give the hair color, but also strengthen them.
Make the hair black using natural dyes such as henna with Basma. They not only paint, but also strengthen the roots of hair. A mixture of henna and Basma dissolve in hot water until the consistency of porridge and apply on hair. After 15-20 minutes rinse off composition, rinsing the head, acidified with vinegar or citric acid water. Hair color, depending on the duration of contact of the dyeing composition with them and the selected proportions can vary from pale brown to totally black.