The choice of paint

All the colors are divided into three groups, called schemes: chestnut, blonde and black. Each gamma has three categories - dark, light and medium. Intending to dye your hair a dark color, start with light colors in the palette black. If the result is not satisfied, to dye your hair a darker color will be easier than to lighten too dark hair. It is believed that dyeing the hair is repeated a minimum of three weeks. Otherwise, there will be a too high concentration of chemicals on hair: they begin to break and split. Only qualified hairdresser able to determine what kind of load can withstand the hair. Note that the palette of colors that you show in the store is created on artificial and initially white strands. So the tone can only partially recall the result on your hair. Keep in mind that very dark color is suitable only for those girls, face them with a blush. You must make every effort to choose the right shade. Therefore, the choice of paint explore the entire palette. And be sure to listen to the advice of a hairdresser with respect to the desired shade. Please note that black color is very insidious and it ages women. Therefore, it is better not to choose those who are already over thirty.

Features and tips when applying the coloring composition

Before you start to paint, try the paint on the hair strands, as well as on the area of skin behind the ear to make sure that you have no allergic reactions. Wash your hair a day before the dyeing: of released natural oils to serve as natural protection. Starting to paint the hair a dark color, move from the head to the temples. Divide the hair into strands: it will be much easier. To avoid not, zones, start the procedure of applying the paint from the roots. After dyeing, carefully comb the hair so the result will be more uniform and successful. Keep the paint on the hair is not longer than the time specified in the instructions. After all dark hair dyes very quickly, so there is always a risk to overdo the coloring part and mess up the hair. So, wash your hair and be sure to use healing balms and conditioners for colored hair. It will remain shiny for a very long time. If your hair is dried in the sun or burnt due to perming, before painting be sure to make the cut. Damaged hair absorbs the paint and even more injured. Immediately after a Perm to dye your hair is not worth it. You need to wait at least a week. Or when painting to keep permanent paint half the amount of time recommended in the instructions.

Natural dyes for hair

If you do not want to expose hair effects dyes with oxidising agents, use home remedies for hair coloring in dark color. To do this, take a decoction of the leaves of walnut and oak, wet their hair, keep for 15 minutes and then rinse. A tool such as rosemary, the conditioner for hair, makes the color deeper. How to cook it? Brew one tea bag of black tea and add two tablespoons of rosemary leaves. Then strain and massage into hair and wash off after 10 minutes. To give hair the shade of chocolate, use a mask of egg yolk and two tablespoons of castor oil. Carefully RUB this mixture into the hair, soak 30 minutes and rinse. This will not only make the hair darker, but also give them extra food. Black tea will also help to make hair dark, soak the hair strong brewed tea and rinse off after 30 minutes. For dark color hair, use coffee: brew it, apply on hair and wash off after an hour. Keep in mind that using natural dye to change hair color quite difficult. Rather, it helps to revive hair and make them healthier.