You can easily find the desired address, and then get to the destination with the help of "MTS Navigator", which offers an interactive clues no matter how you want to do (walking or driving). Main functions:
- step-by-step navigation using voice guidance and 3D maps;
- with the help of constantly updated traffic information in real time saving you time and find alternative routes that will help to avoid a long and tedious waiting;
- millions of records using an intuitive menu, you will find restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. even if you make a mistake in writing the name or enter only partial information.
- you will be able to share coordinates of your location with colleagues and friends and call them, focusing on the map.
In order to connect service "MTS Navigator", type on the keyboard of your phone *111*365# and press the call button or send a text message, text 365 to 111. In response you will receive an SMS with a link to a WAP site MTS. Follow the link and download to your phone app, then install it. Please note: the service is paid. Learn about payment, you can have your service provider by calling to the short number 0890.
Another way is to download the app "MTS Navigator" from the Android Market. To do this, go to the website and download it. To download the app free memory in the phone should not be less than 2 MB. The monthly fee for this service is 118 rubles with VAT. It is debited at the moment of connection in full, then monthly on the day of the date of connection. If at the time of debiting the room locked, when leaving the lock the necessary amount will be deducted. While in Russia GPRS traffic while using and downloading is free. GPRS traffic, while in national and international roaming is charged according to roaming tariffs.