Advice 1: How to register Navigator

Most car owners use navigation, greatly facilitates the orientation in large cities and outside of them. In order to use all functions of your Navigator, you must register the device and card.
How to register Navigator
First, register your device. Define internal number of Navigator, by connecting the device to the computer and turn it on. Then run MapSource. Select the menu item "Utilities" and then "Get unit ID ...". In the field "Unit ID" number of the Pathfinder will be detected automatically.
Click on the link "Register a new GPS Navigator. Select the model of your Navigator, enter his extension number and press Add. The information page will indicate you have added the Navigator. You have successfully registered your device.
The most popular is the digital navigation map "Russia" in the format Navitel (.nm2) showing street names, house numbers and other important information. This package of navigation maps can be used only at registered navigation program Navitel Navigator.
To provide only one key, which can be used for one PDA, Navigator or Communicator. This code is required to unlock map data disc for loading cards.
To register the program in automatic mode, connect your device to the Internet and start the Navitel Navigator. In the opened registration window, click "Automatic registration". Click in the field enter license key. Included will be a digital keyboard. Enter key on the copy of the program. In the lower right corner, click the green check mark, confirming entering.
Fill out the registration card. To do this, connect your device to the Internet and start the Navitel Navigator. Select "Activate card". Enter the license key to the map, then click "OK".
Select the region of Russia, maps of which you want to activate, click "OK". The program, open the "Menu", then "Open Atlas". The folder with the index cards. The map loaded successfully in your browser.
Depending on the vendor registration process may vary. And the version of Navitel Navigator is only available in the kit.

Advice 2 : How to add a map to Navitel

Navigator "Navitel" - a set of programs and devices developed in Russia and is designed for orienteering. You can see exactly the location of the desired location on the map you want to load into the memory of the Navigator.
How to add a map to Navitel
The ability to install and update maps for the Navigator "Navitel" is available both in manual and automatic mode. To install maps you need a computer or laptop with an active Internet connection. Maps of the whole of Russia and its regions are open for download access as on the manufacturer's website and on various other sites. They are equally suitable for the various systems on the basis of which are smartphones, tablets, and device navigation for cars: Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and others.
Unpack the archive with the cards in any convenient place on the hard disk of the computer or laptop. Connect via a USB connection device with installed software "Navitel" (Navigator, smartphone, etc.). In the folder "My computer" it will be defined as a removable media with the appropriate name. Open it and locate the folder NavitelContent\Maps\ folder. Copy saved on the computer card. If necessary, place them in multiple subfolders, for example, with the names of cities or regions.
Disconnect the device from the computer and run the program "Navitel". When run, it should automatically search for updates and install downloaded maps. If not, in the main application menu go to Maps" and select "Open Atlas". Noting in the guide is needed, click "Create Atlas".
Downloading and updating maps can be done directly from the program "Navitel". For this purpose, the device must be connected to the Internet. Log in to the app's main menu, go to "settings" and select "Map". Activate the option "Check for updates. After this happens the connection with the server "Navitel", and after a while you will see on the device screen the list of available updates and download maps.
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