Your chances of employment increase significantly if you have a special education. Because every job requires certain knowledge, skills and abilities.
Experience of work in this area is welcome. If you dream of working on TV, then try your hand first on a local channel. Just need to start practicing while you are still learning. For example, many begin to work at school. Why not try your luck in the role of a broadcaster or a permanent member of the children's program? And then climb "up the ladder": from the district to the Central channel. In this case, you will also acquire knowledge and skills to work in this field and experience which may be useful in the future.
A good way to get on television is to complete television courses. They will help you to gain experience and to have teachers who will guide you in the right direction.
Another way to get on TV is to participate in a reality show. By the way, most of the current famous young leading it and started. This is an opportunity to become known all over the country, make friends and acquaintances on television, to gain experience in this field.
If you are a creative person and achieved success in the business, you get to work you can easily. For example, a good photographer is always needed on TV. The ability to make professional pictures are welcome in this area.
Easier just to get on TV in the summer during a shift change. In the summer there is a shortage of personnel, many going on vacation. Therefore, you'll be hooked.