Start with a small regional radio stations. It is much easier to get a small, unknown station, than to be the leading major Moscow radio stations, where the competition is very high. To get to the popular station without experience and connections will be almost impossible, as many of Russia radio host with years of experience travel to the capital for this purpose. Applicants without experience do not even take into account when considering summary. Look to local stations, select interesting for you, try using the resume to become a leading.
Make the correct summary. In "the Goal" do not write abstract phrases and not be verbose. Set a specific goal – work in the air, write the reasons, be honest. Under "Education" do not need to describe your achievements in school, enter higher education. Music school, acting class, courses in speech must be mentioned. About their talents and abilities shall describe in the "Additional information": your creative achievements, Hobbies, skills, any detail, they may prove to be the decisive points. Be sure to specify knowledge of foreign languages. Take into account the format of the station where you want to go: if it is broadcasting rock music, it would be appropriate to mention that you played in a rock band.
If in live you could not get to, don't get discouraged – try to get to work on the radio with the other hand. Join the team as engineer, Manager, producer programs, agree on any position. Radio stations often join the advertising Department, you have a good chance to become a Manager on work with clients. Your task – to become a part of the team and find a good moment to seek to play the role of a radio host.
Use your hobby to work on radio. If you are into something very good, make a small program, write down at least on paper, the pilot, and go boldly to the program Director. When you have a concrete proposal, the chances increase. Try to attract sponsors to your program, and not to doubt success.