You will need
  • - the range;
  • - a special device from the telescopic pipes
Install the vehicle on a level platform above an inspection pit or on a hoist. The adjustment Assembly independently of the collapse is possible. Check the steering wheel. Make sure that the rectilinear motion it is right, except that the number of turnover left and right must match. After the installation of the car, check the tire pressure, bring it to the desired value, the reliability of fastening of the steering mechanism and suspension. Opustevshiy tighten nuts and bolts.
Calculate the difference of the distances between the points on the rim of the wheel in front of and behind its geometric axis to determine the amount of toe. Use for this operation the line or the special chain tensioning device. Assemble the tool from the telescopic pipe, install the gauge and control chain.
Measure the toe-in. Set this line between the front wheels so that the tips of the telescopic tube rested against the sidewall of the tire, the chain should touch the ground. Set the arrow on the scale to the zero position, roll the car forward so the line was behind the geometric axis of the wheels. The magnitude of convergence, define the arrow. In case of deviation from the standards, adjust it. To do so, turn of the coupling rods. After adjustment securely tighten the locknuts.
Check and adjust the camber. This operation is more complex, however, and it is conducted independently. Raise the vehicle so the tires do not touch the pad. Then calculate the point of equal beats into their sidewalls. To do this, put a solid focus for the hand and take the chalk. Bring it to a rotating wheel and mark the exposed diametrically opposed elements, relying on a stand. Then turn the wheel labels should be vertical.
Hang next to the wheel load or attach the rectangle. The difference between the distances between the plane or line of the load and the top part of the rim - the value collapse. It must be in the interval from 1 to 5 mm. otherwise, it should be adjusted. To do this, add shims between the cross beam and the axis of the lever. Check your adjustment after a few kilometers on the road. Performing the gathering collapse yourself you can save a decent amount of money, but better to do it on special stands in the service.