In its most common the collapsealignment done when you replace any suspension parts, in other words, after every, even the most minor repairs. For example, replacement of the upper bearing Cup only one rack causes imperceptible roll of the car (about 2 mm) and changes the angles of alignment of all wheels. Always use the services of specialists having at their disposal computer stand to adjust the alignment. This stand experienced master will be able to find invisible at the touch of a backlash, so you'll be promptly informed about the upcoming repair of the undercarriage.

Even if you're not doing anything with the suspension, over time the spring load gradually promazyvaetsya, which is slightly reduced ground clearance. The design of the suspension is arranged so that the position of the wheel height changes the camber angle and the toe angle of the wheel, so wheel alignment it is advisable to check and, if necessary, adjusted once a year, preferably in spring. If you set the car on new springs, make the first collapse immediately after the repair, then a month later, as the ground clearance during this time will decrease by 2-3 cm So to change the spring before winter – so you will be able to minimize tire wear due to the constantly changing angles of the alignment.

Do alignment every time you change the ride height of the car by using spacers or other means. And when you change the wheels on the other - larger or smaller - alignment to do, since angles are not changed by this For best behavior of the car on the road and least effect on the angles of the wheels use the same size wheels and rims are the same width.

If you install on the machine any heavy equipment with a weight of 30 kg on the rear axle, or 100 kg on the front, be sure to do the alignment. Regardless of where an incremental load in the car, the alignment will have to do for all four wheels.