You will need
  • tape measure or ruler;
  • pencil;
  • key
First and foremost, of course, the collapse-convergence required during seasonal replacement of tires, repair the car chassis, steering system, suspension and Octavarium period. Second, regularly undergo this procedure when you are 10-15 thousand kilometers; tires are too fast and unevenly; change the ground clearance; the vehicle leads to the side when you hit a hole or when driving straight ahead; the vehicle bad road holding.
How to adjust the camber-<b>convergence</b>
To adjust the camber-toe - best car service, especially if driver you are inexperienced. They have a special study, which you will quickly check the condition of your wheels.
While experienced drivers often take over the regulations themselves. This car put on a rack, or pit - wheels to look right. The distance between the rims of the disks is measured with a tape measure or ruler. An important condition for doing so - that the wheels were not deformed and remains flat. Measurements are made and the rear and front wheel disc only in the horizontal plane. First you need to measure one wheel and record the obtained data, then the second. If the stamp there is a difference, then the procedure of wheel alignment of the car is vital.
How to adjust the camber-<b>convergence</b>
Getting repair, you need to loosen the locknut of one of the rods of the machine. Then, by shortening or extending it, the wheels are set to the desired position. It is necessary to maintain equal lengths of steering rods - they should be the same. If the indicators do not match, they need to level and only then tighten the nuts.
How to adjust the camber-<b>convergence</b>