You will need
  • - special line,
  • spanner 13 mm,
  • - "Bobrovy key No. 1.
Check the toe angle of the front wheels currently on special stands, but not so long ago, a similar test was performed independently on the pit.
Validation has been performed using a special ruler that measured the distance between the front and rear edges of the wheels at the points of maximum convergence and divergence, which are located horizontally at a level slightly above the mounting rods approximately in the middle of the wheel.
In those cases, when at hand was not a special ruler, did it yourself, fixing caliper on a suitable size wooden slats.
If during the test, the toe angle of the front wheels revealed a divergence from the norm, the need to release the tightness of lock nuts of the steering ends and turning the rods, as a rule, the adjustable plumbing key ("Bobkova"), to achieve the desired distance.
How to adjust <strong>convergence</strong>
As an example, consider the toe of the front wheels of the car VAZ "classic line", where the distance between the front and rear edge of the rim of the wheels, equal to 2 mm. But when measuring it turned out that this distance is 4 mm.
Then, releasing the tie rods in the manner specified above, first rotate the left tie rod counterclockwise until then, until you reduce the toe to 3 mm, and then rotate the right tie rod, achieving regulatory convergence of the wheels equal to 2 mm.
On trucks this adjustment is made even easier. Because their steering is equipped with only one tie rod with ends having right and left threads. Freeing the lugs and rotating traction, at the same time governed by the convergence of the two front wheels.