Camber implies the exact number of degrees between the vertical and the concrete plane of rotation. The toe-in, it's kind of the angle between the plane of rotation of the chassis and the direction of motion. It is measured in degrees/minutes in mm.

To notice inaccuracies in the collapse of the convergence can be even visually, drawing attention to some deviations in the behavior of the car. If after turning, the steering wheel is not returned to the zero position, likely broken the toe on the wheels. The symptoms of this problem may be keeping the machine in the direction of the effortless and smooth control. Periodically check the condition of tires, if the surface begins to fade, it is necessary not only to adjust the alignment, but also to change tires.

The collapse

For the successful adjustment of the alignment of the wheels you'll need a flat surface or a good pit. Also stock up on chalk, a rope with a plummet and a standard set of wrenches. Now turn the wheel so that the wheels stood in the straight ahead position. Apply a chalk mark on the tire at the top and bottom. A rope with a plummet to attach to the fender and measure the distance between marks. The difference should be plus or minus 3 mm. Then remove the wheel and with a wrench Unscrew the two bolts that hold the bracket stand stabilizer. This action will relax the steering knuckle. It should now turn inward or outward, depending on the measurements that were carried out previously. This procedure to achieve the correct camber angle. Then tighten all the bolts, install wheel and again perform measurement.


To conduct the angle adjustment wheel, you will need chalk, tools and a telescopic ruler. On the inner side of wheel need chalk to label, so that they were close to the rims. Then the telescopic bar to set, placing the ends on the surface marking, and marked with chalk. Align the indicator "" on the scale and secure the device. Most importantly, after the installation of the telescopic range, to prevent its contact with parts of the car body. After all necessary done, the car should roll forward. Calculate below the line has shifted in the opposite direction. Take a look at the scale, it tells you how to adjust tie rods. If the readings on the scale became less necessary thrust to reduced if increased extend. The tie rods need to be adjusted using the clutch.