Bleed force the hands of the top front wheel of the vehicle in the transverse direction. Even subtle backlash is the reason to check condition of the bearingand hub and loose the front strut to the knuckle.
Shake the vehicle body. If it automatically continues to oscillate after the cessation of rocking, a faulty shock absorber. To find out what it is, use force when swinging first to one side of the body, then to the other.
Check the levers with a special fixture to control them. Replace them if cracks or deformations on the amps suspension beams and the connector. Keep in mind that straightening and welding in this case is invalid. Explore threaded holes of flanges. If you find damage, repair the threads or replace the suspension arms.
Check the rubber hinge. Replace them if you notice a swelling of the rubber, tears or wear at the outer end.
Explore the spring for cracks and deformation of the coils. Replace it if found. Check the draught of the spring. To do this three times promote it to the contact coils, and then attach the load in 259 kgs. The length of the spring should at least be 233 mm.
By reducing the length of the spring with yellow marking to 240 mm, it should be replaced by green. Compress the spring axis of the spring-toes. Stay tuned to the support surface coincide with the surfaces of the bearing cups of the body and shock absorber.
Inspect the rubber support pads, if worn replace them with new ones. Explore wheel hubs, bearings, and threaded bolts engaged in mounting wheels. Check the fit graduateshotline ring. The bearings are damaged replace with a new one.