The reasons for such behavior of the car

The most common cause of vehicle drift to the side - wheels. During operation of the vehicle is important: a correct choice of tires and wheels, assembled wheel, tire mounting and balancing.

What malfunction in the operation of the wheels can affect the straightness of the movement?

1. Different tyre pressures. Lowered bus is more elastic and therefore has a higher coefficient of friction. It is important to monitor the tyre pressure.
2. The right and left wheels are different tread pattern. It is better to replace the tires or move the wheels.
3. The warp cords and the carcass of the tire wheels. With hard hitting on the bumps, it is possible to damage both the cord and the frame of the tires. The result will be the withdrawal. You want to replace the wheels.
4. Increased wheel imbalance. You need to do the balancing.
5. Deformation of the disk. Will have to roll the disks and do a wheel balance or a defective disk to be replaced.
6. The car has hidden defects that were not discovered before manufacture "alignment".
7. Another reason may be incorrect Assembly of the wheel, i.e. the tire is sitting in the drive correctly. Required to collect and balance again.
8. Fastening the wheels on the rails made wrong. You need to reinstall the wheels on the rails of the hub.
9. Possible the difference in weight of wheels, rims, tires and wheel weights on the right and left side. Required to rebuild and balance.
10. Asymmetric tyres can also lead to withdrawal of the automobile aside. This is caused by the unidirectionality of drainage canals and lamellae tires.

What to do upon detection of withdrawal of the automobile aside

Car diagnostics carried out on time and correctly, give the opportunity to find reasons why the car pulled to the side. An experienced and knowledgeable expert with technical documentation and necessary equipment will detect the cause and help eliminate it.