Depending on belonging to one of the categories of citizens entitled to receive land for individual housing construction or farms, you will have to gather certain documents for the consideration of the special Commission of the regional administration.
The basic condition for all citizens is living on the territory of this region for at least 5 years. The right to free land is granted only once.
According to the legislation of the Leningrad region, the land you can rent for up to 3 years. If you do not have time to build on this plot a residential building, the land returns to the property of the state. However, if you provide after 3 years of convincing evidence of your bankruptcy during this time period will be increased by another 2 years.
If you have erected on the leased land the house within the stipulated period, the land becomes your property, as well as living space.
Discover legislation in Leningrad region in order to find out whether you belong to one of the categories of citizens entitled to receive land, namely:- to the citizens who do not have and do not have land ownership;
- citizens living in a residential building, but are not its owners;
- poor citizens (based on norms of the housing, installed in the Leningrad region);
- poor young families (based on norms of the housing, installed in the Leningrad region), are non-homeowners;
- military personnel that have served at least 20 years or retired (if you are not the owner of the residential houses and cottages);
- to young professionals, has entered into an employment contract with the organization of agro-industrial complex or social services for a period of not less than 5 years (poor and non-owners of houses);
- to workers of the agroindustrial complex (on the same terms);
- to the young specialists the public sector (under the same conditions). By the way, this category of citizens has the opportunity to obtain land without regard to the period of residence on the territory of the Leningrad region.