You will need
  • - handle;
  • - recipe;
  • - tetrads.
First conduct a test which will determine your identity in relation to the leading hemisphere. Ask your friend to quietly push you from behind and see what foot you put forward.
Get at least one confirmation – fold your arms across your chest. Hand on top of the leading. If both tests are indicated on your membership figuratively thinking people, must have patience – rebuilding is not easy.
If the right hand you use to a minimum, i.e. do not belong to the category of those people who in their activities skillfully operate on both of them (for example, the piano or the dealer) then start to develop it gradually.
For a start change the left hand on the right during washing dishes, wiping dust, scratching, etc. After a week you will feel much more confident when performing simple household operations. Besides, get used to the idea that to learn how to do anything uncomfortable hand is still possible.
Acquire a couple of copy-books and notebooks with diagonal and curved lines. Get ready for daily activities and never miss any of them only through constant practice you can "fill" the right hand and learn to write fast and beautifully.
Take your position at the table so that the light fell on the left side.
Take a pen and hold it with index finger and thumb, and use the average as a stand. During operation, the brush should be laid on the table, as writing strings, it should move to the right. Practice on a sheet of paper, evaluate how comfortable you picked up the pen.
Open letters – initially, it will be difficult to trace the letters, but a few weeks of training will teach you how to draw smooth lines. First practice to perform separate elements of writing various hooks. Only then proceed directly to writing letters, then words and then sentences.