For any methodical recommendations there is a certain structure that must be followed by the authors. It is in any case must contain a title page, information about the author or group of authors (position, job category, academic degrees), a brief abstract, introduction, main part, a list of recommended books and apps, if any.
On the title page indicate the name of the institution surname and initials of author (authors) name, which must begin with the words: "Methodological recommendations ", the city's name, year of publication.
In brief summary, which appears at the top of the second sheet, write the essence of the issues discussed, the purpose of these guidelines, specify the sources of positive experience that formed the basis of their development and list of the scope of their possible applications. At the bottom of the second sheet, place information about author or authors.
In the introduction give the reasons for the necessity of the preparation of these guidelines, a brief analysis of the situation on the topics covered in the question, describe the importance of development, list where and to whom they may be useful in practical work. Define goals and give a brief description of the expected results from the use of this document. Explain its features and novelty in comparison with other similar instruments developed in this area.
In the main part of the recommendations describe a phased manner, the algorithm forms and methods of implementation of this process. Give tips for solving related issues and recommendations for logistical, financial and staffing process. Pay attention to the most difficult moments, based on the experience gained from the author caution the reader from making the common mistakes.
Make a list of recommended books in alphabetical order. Stick to the Protocol approved normative documentation of the rules of registration of literary sources.
As an application, specify those materials that are not included in the main part of the content guidelines, but are required to run this workflow. It may be other methodological recommendations , and instructional materials, and documents that illustrate the process: charts, diagrams, maps, photographs.