You will need
  • MS Word, a laser printer (or a mini-printing house), graphic editor, vector graphics editor
First you have to determine the size of the manuals and the amount of information covered in your manual. The best option for most guidelines - 50-70 thousand characters. In this volume it is possible to accommodate a sufficient amount of information (though you can choose the most useful out of the topic).
The selection of literature, on which will be created methodical instruction, is one of the most important ways to make your work useful. Need only the most reliable edition. Initially set a brief outline for the manuals - it should match what you are usually taught the people. At the same time, this list should not be a limiter. On the contrary, the work with additional literature will help add to the order important points, formerly you are not being considered.
After you determine exactly what points should be kept in your methodical instructions, you can begin to write it. Here all is much easier - you need to analyze literature, to note the key theoretical moments (convenient to do it with a colored marker in the normal books and with Notes in the email). Then you need simple words to explain the meaning of this information, and its affiliation to practical application. The more convenient practice, as you all know, in the training manual, so it will be better. Write about their favorite algorithms and steps - then your training manual will help not only you, but hundreds of people learning the stated topic.